Trucking fleet (close-up)

A Message from Barb Bakos

“Perception becomes reality!”  My husband Skip used this phrase quite often during his lifetime.  His dream for Powersource was to treat customers and owner/operators with respect and commitment.  Skip followed through and Powersource is now one of the top power-only trucking companies across the nation.

His perception for Powersource continues through my eyes.  I bring on a fresh approach with a hands on commitment, open contact with the drivers and customers, availability 24/7.  Daily, as I walk into the office, I can feel the energy.  Each and every one of Powersource’s team is readily available.  Our dedicated team is one of the top in the field.  Many years of experience – striving to better PTI daily – bringing top rates to our drivers and making absolutely sure, with no exceptions, that we follow through.

You are more than a company or a driver to us –

you are family!

Barb Bakos, Owner

Powersource Transportation is the most dedicated, knowledgeable and driver-friendly trailer delivery service in the power-only trucking industry. With multiple years of experience, we take pride in what we do.

You can always depend on us. Whether one way or round trip, new or used, empty or loaded, it is our promise to you that your trailer, regardless of type or value, will always be treated with extreme care from pick-up to drop-off.

We excel in all areas of over-the-road transport, including:.

  • Trailer delivery, empty or loaded
  • Portable machinery like portable boilers and generators
  • Mobile concrete and asphalt plants
  • Mobile MRI and mobile CT Scanners
  • Mobile forestry equipment and earth reclamation units
  • Government and military trailers
  • Intermodal equipment
  • Entertainment and tour transportation
  • Over-dimensional freight

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