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Barb Bakos

A Message from Barb Bakos

My husband founded Powersource in 1994.  A trucker himself, he moved up in the ranks and founded a company on integrity and respect for both our owner/operators and valued customers.  Upon his passing in 2014, I was given the reigns of Powersource Transportation.  I immediately fell in love with everything having to do with trucking and this company.  Our team is one of the best in the industry, with many years of experience under one roof.

I have three goals daily for Powersource Transportation:

  1. Foster a fantastic working environment for my employees.

  2. Treat each owner/operator with respect and honesty.  They have a business to run and we will honor their wishes on how they need to accomplish this for their lifestyle.  My team is specialized in freight and strives for the best rates in the industry.

  3. Commitment to our customers.  We know how special each load is for our customers, whether it’s a time sensitive entertainment load, permitted OD/OW load, military freight and standard every day freight that moves across this country.  Powersource takes nothing for granted and we work hard daily to match up our owner/operators with their loads for everyone’s success.

I never want to lose the “family feel” that Powersource stands on.  We have an open door policy to our drivers and customers.  As I see it, we are three companies working together for the same goal, to make sure that our companies succeed.  I will always be looking for new advantages to make sure that this happens.

Powersource became a “Women Owned Business” in 2016.

Cheers for a bright future and hard work!

Barb Bakos, Owner


  • Trailer delivery, empty or loaded
  • Portable machinery like portable boilers and generators
  • Mobile concrete and asphalt plants
  • Mobile MRI and mobile CT Scanners
  • Mobile forestry equipment and earth reclamation units
  • Government and military trailers
  • Intermodal equipment
  • Entertainment and tour transportation
  • Over-dimensional freight
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