Get Started Toward Owning Your Own Truck

It’s a dream you’ve always had – to own your own truck and to be your own boss. But for whatever reason, it hasn’t worked out…until now with Powersource.

Powersource Transportation has partnered with Pinnacle Leasing to turn your dream of owning your own truck into a reality: The Powersource Transportation Lease Purchase Program. In as little as two years, you could see your name on the title of your very own truck by becoming an owner-operator and partner with Powersource!

Lease Purchase Program Diagram:

Lease/Purchase Diagram

We happily pay our lease/purchase partners at the same rate as our owner/operators.


  • Easy average weekly payments of $350 to $400 cover your tractor lease payment
  • You own the tractor outright at the end of the term
  • Lease payments are deducted from your weekly settlements
  • Approximately $100 a week covers all insurance requirements
  • Escrow payments are deducted from your weekly settlements*
  • Per-mile weekly settlement deduction insures your maintenance account is funded
  • Heavy Highway use tax (form 2290) and Fuel tax will be deducted from your settlement
  • We provide all of your initial base plates, permits and legalizations


  • 2 years verifiable, over the road, all-weather, mountain experience within the last 5 years
  • Good motor vehicle record (CDL endorsements for Hazardous Materials, Tank and Doubles are extremely beneficial)
  • Monthly financial obligations under set threshold
  • No felony, DUIs or DWIs within the last five years

Getting started is easy! Simply complete the leasing information on the Driver Application, and we’ll work together to achieving your goal of becoming an owner/operator. Don’t waste another minute—Apply today!

Meet the Pinnacle Leasing Team

Karl Galamback

Karl Galamback

General Manager, Pinnacle Leasing
Patti Pullins

Patti Pullins

Office Assistant, Pinnacle Leasing