Joe Dutremaine

Our featured driver of the month for March is Joe Dutremaine! Joe started driving a truck in college and fell in love with it. Before becoming a professional truck driver, Joe was a heavy operator for 20 years. He’s been on the road for three years and has been with Powersource Transportation since January 2017. He currently drives a 2010 Peterbilt with chains and straps and he holds all endorsements. Joe likes to haul any type of freight and will do anything that is asked of him. One of his favorite things about working for Powersource is that he’s been able to see more inner cities and downtown areas than he has under any other trucking company. His favorite part about driving a truck for a living is that he gets to go to different places and see different things. No matter where his job takes him, Joe always carries his mother’s rosary with him. Joe has a longtime girlfriend of 17 years. When he is not on the road he likes to catch up on work around the house.

Congratulations, Joe! We’re happy to have such a reliable and enthusiastic player on our team!