Cody P Tractor-Trailer

At Powersource Transportation, we strive for excellence with every delivery. Your business goals and transportation needs deserve the highest standard of both care and respect. We are more than a trailer delivery service. We take pride in delivering the results you need with meticulous customer service and an overall experience that is second to none. Dependability is key….and you can always depend on Powersource.

See Message from Barb Bakos, Owner, Powersource Transportation

“Entertainment Transportation Network, Inc. is a long-time customer of Powersource Transportation and for a very good reason. They understand the intricacies of my business and have staffed themselves with solid, competent industry professionals. Our goals and values have been closely aligned from the very beginning and Powersource continues to earn my business through honesty, integrity and the highest level of service. We wish Barb Bakos and her valuable team every success.”

– Steven E. Piper, Entertainment Transportation Network, Inc.

These are the four areas that drive our “Culture of Excellence”:

  • 1. Drivers

    Powersource truck drivers are independent owner-operators who either own a truck or lease one. Our team of highly professional drivers are backed with exemplary driving records, ensuring that your trailer is always in the best hands. Our drivers are always on-call and ready to deliver your trailer wherever it needs to go.

  • 2. Dedicated Staff

    The trucking industry never sleeps…and neither do we. There isn’t one second of any day that doesn’t demand someone’s attention on the road. Therefore, at Powersource, our professional support team is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week to serve the needs of our customers, our drivers and the communication process between the two of them. We stand out in this industry as being one of only a handful of companies that can provide around the clock support. Whenever you have questions or concerns, we will always be there for you.

  • 3. Safety

    Our commitment to safety is second to none. The safety of our drivers and the trailers they are moving is an utmost priority. Therefore, our safety department ensures that every trailer delivery and schedule adheres to our unique safety standards. We obtain all permits for every state and province along the truck’s route to guarantee our trailer deliveries will be completed on time and without administrative or legal back-ups.

  • 4. Affordability

    Your time and money are valuable. At Powersource, we get that. You want a service you can afford, and we want your business. Powersource is fully-committed to offering our customers fair, affordable rates. To help lessen the financial load, we also offer incentive programs for planned and regular service delivery schedules. By entrusting us with your long-term trailer delivery needs, we will help save you both time and money.