Rotator with quick “nutshell” explaining the Mission, Vision,
Values, and Safety imperatives (title and small bit of verbiage).

Let Your Dreams Be Your Wings!

Barb Bakos, During Facility ConstructionGrowing up, I always had a respect for truck drivers. My Dad began as a driver, dispatcher and finally managed a trucking company. Little did I know that I would marry a man who mirrored my Dad in so many ways. Skip started as a driver, dispatcher, management, and took the last step in starting Powersource Transportation 26 years ago – May 1994. Upon his sudden passing in 2014, I was left to take over the helm and make the decision to sell or commit.

With 99 drivers and 28 employees, I made the commitment to foster and grow Powersource with the loyalty of the employees and drivers. My vision was to construct a new corporate headquarter –complete with a driver’s lounge, hit a 130 truck count, and a sound financial goal. In 2019, all three came to light! I was also awarded 2019 Top Woman Owned Business, through Women In Trucking.

I didn’t do this alone! I am committed to the strength of this business, the honesty in all communication and the vision to move my dreams forward into the future!

My drive is commitment to all involved that encouraged and fed me the knowledge along the way. The future is exciting and bright – I will always continue to reach out to any avenue in the industry so that I can learn and put the applications into the works for the betterment of Powersource’s employees, owner operators and customers.

  • Provide a professional environment to enrich the work quality of life for employees. Our core value is a family atmosphere and commitment to work together as a valuable team.
  • Treat each Owner Operator with respect, honesty, open communication and help them to achieve their goals with competitive rates on loads, safety and bonus features.
  • Commit to our Customers with the highest quality service, safety, value and integrity. Fairness on each load.
  • Our commitment to our passions are fed through our donations