White Cab with Aluminum Tank Trailer

Powersource Transportation:
The Leader in Power-Only Trucking

At Powersource Transportation, we move a lot of trailer types most trucking companies wouldn’t even touch. But we’ll move it…with ease. How? We have a trade specialization that not many companies can compete with:


The power of Power-only. 

What is power-only trucking? Power-only transport means the trailers we move are prepared by the customer for shipping. Rather than loading up our trailers, which wastes time, manpower and increases the risk of damage to the cargo, we let the customer prepare it. They’re the experts when it comes to their freight, and Powersource excels at shipping it. Our drivers simply connect the pre-loaded trailers to their trucks, haul it away and drop it off. Fast and efficient service.

Time Not Wasted
Safety Protocol Ensured
Setting the Standard

Safety is a priority at all times. At Powersource, our team of professionals ensure that all safety protocol is followed every step of the way, from obtaining permits for each state to weight restrictions guidelines. Our drivers only need to do one thing – connect their cargo and go. It’s that simple.

Bottom line, we do power-only in a way no one else can reproduce. It requires an immense amount of communication, customer and driver support, and round-the-clock availability. Our commitment to excellence keeps both our drivers and our customers happy and satisfied.