Read what the family has to say about Powersource…

“Powersource runs a professional outfit. I’ve been at several companies over the years and we are the most professional. One of the biggest problems I hear on the road is a driver not knowing what they are getting paid. Powersource settlements are great and they make everything very clear. When I have a question, they’re very helpful and give easy-to-understand explanations and clear settlement verification. Powersource office people are very knowledgeable and very helpful.”

— Ron

“Power-only driving is very easy, it’s not fast-paced like driving for other companies. There’s no waiting because there’s no lack of freight. Powersource keeps me moving with a good variety of work, I don’t feel like I am stuck with the same trailer day in and day out. And most importantly, they treat me like a human being: they know me by name.”

— Justin

“I’ve been driving for twenty years and an owner operator for eight. Powersource is the best company I’ve ever been leased to. It’s a top notch company. I wish I knew about Powersource twenty years ago. Payroll is on top of everything, everyone is very friendly, and they know all the drivers’ names. We aren’t just a number.”

— Jeff

“I wish I knew about this company years ago. Driving with Powersource is the best job I’ve ever had. The customers are very nice at pickup and delivery. There’s no waiting at the door and no lumpers. People in the office are always happy to see me and keep me pre-planned.”

— Jimmy

“This is a very professional company. The people are nice, easy going, and know everyone by name. It’s easy work, with easy and clear settlements.”

— David

“Powersource is a great place to work. You cannot ask for better people. And it’s the people who make the company, not the other way around.”

— Randy

“Power-only is the best way to go; it’s easy. And if you have an issue with anything, there is always someone at Powersource to help you. There are no appointment times, so you have the ease of not feeling pressured to get to each delivery. Everyone in the Powersource office is always willing to help you. I have been here seven years, going on eight in June, and I have never had a payroll issue ever. No payroll issues is a big deal!”

— Richard

“Powersource has a very helpful/personable customer service staff and dependable drivers who are always professional upon pick-up and at delivery. You can always count on them to get the job done.”

— Tim