Powersource Featured Drive - Al S. Aug 2021

Al S.

Our August Featured Driver of the Month is Al S.!

Al grew up on a farm with his grandpa and always admired trucks. By the age of seven or eight, he knew that he would become a truck driver as an adult.

He’s been trucking for 37 years now and has been driving for Powersource Transportation for nearly five years.

Al drives a 2001 Freightliner equipped with a headache rack, longslide, pintle hook, light bar, locking 5th wheel, hot center pin, beacons, ratchets, winches, and OD flags and banners. He also holds all endorsements – tankers/doubles/triples/hazmat.

He prefers to pull empty trailers because he gets great fuel mileage and it’s less work for him to drive up and down hills.

His favorite part about driving a truck for a living is that every day is a challenge, and he learns something new. He also loves to drive – he even says he’s become addicted to it!

Al likes to bring his girlfriend, Nina, and their five cats on the road with him.

He has one son, Ryan, and one grandson, Ryan Jr.

When he is not on the road, you’ll find him back home in Elmira, MI. working and fishing.

Thanks for all you do, Al!