Red truck with container on the road Florida

Understanding Power Only Trucking and What We Haul

Red truck with container on the road Florida

Red truck with container on the road Florida

Power Only trucking is a different type of commercial transport service.  It is typically utilized by companies that don’t own their own fleet of trucks or employ their own drivers.  Yet they may still need goods or cargo shipped across the country, or they may need a driver with a specific certification such as HAZMAT.  This is where a company that specializes in Power Only trucking comes into the equation.

What is Power Only transport?

In Power Only transport, the customer prepares their trailer or containers for shipping.  They are the ones who are most knowledgeable in how their cargo should be loaded.  A Power Only transport firm dispatches a driver to connect the pre-loaded trailer to their truck and deliver it safely to its destination.  The Power Only team can handle the necessary permits and weight restriction guidelines for each state.  It’s a very efficient and cost effective process for the shipper.

Benefits of using Power Only transport

There are a number of benefits for the shipper to use Power Only transport.  It may not be cost effective for a company to maintain its own fleet of trucks and drivers.  They may not have a need to transport cargo on a daily basis, so it doesn’t make sense for them to have idle trucks and employees.  These companies can benefit from hiring a Power Only trucking company.  Other companies that have their own trucking fleet may need the flexibility to hire additional drivers on an “as needed” basis.  Or a company may have unexpected freight that needs to be  shipped quickly.  Power Only trucking can meet these needs as well.  A big advantage of using a Power Only service is getting certified, experienced, and reliable drivers able to move all types of cargo on short notice.  Power Only transport may be the most cost effective solution for moving freight on long, one-way trips.

Types of loads Powersource Transportation moves

Powersource Transportation is a leader in the Power Only trucking industry.  We move a variety of loads including entertainment and concert shipping.  Our company is equipped to handle oversized or over-dimensional loads.  We have moved massive construction machinery including excavators and cranes.  We can haul overweight industrial equipment including storage tanks.  We are able to transport wide loads including pre-built homes.  A wide load exceeds 8.5 feet.  Special permits are required for loads wider than that, and a pilot vehicle may be required.  Powersource Transportation can move liquid bulk tankers with potentially hazardous materials.  A driver with special certifications is often needed.  Powersource Transportation is a good option for federal, state, and military agencies that need to move freight.  We can also provide flatbed trailers that may be needed for the job.

Big rig semi truck with oversize load sign and step down trailer carry and transporting digger

White powerful big rig semi truck with oversize load sign and step down trailer carry and transporting large oversize digger on multiline wide highway

Powersource Transportation drivers

Our drivers are highly qualified owner operators.  They are knowledgeable professionals with years of experience in the trucking industry.  Our drivers have the appropriate certifications to meet the needs of our customers and the job.