January 2021, Featured Driver, DeWayne C.

DeWayne C.

Our January Featured Driver of the month is DeWayne C.!

DeWayne was always fascinated with trucks as a child. He has memories of going on family road trips and talking about trucks the entire ride. He was able to identify the different tractors – Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner –at just six years old! So, naturally, DeWanye decided to drive at truck for a living.

DeWayne has been trucking for 36 years now. He drives a 2017 Freightliner equipped with straps and OD flags and banners. He also has his tankers/doubles/triples endorsements.

DeWayne has been with Powersource Transportation since October of 2019. His favorite type of freight is oversize because it gives him the opportunity to gain more experience and earn more money.

His favorite part about driving a truck for a leaving is the peace of the open road. DeWanye likes to start and end his days early. So, he often gets to take in the beautiful sunrises across the country.

DeWayne carries his tools with him on the road because he wants to be prepared in case a situation ever arises. Because of this, he has been able to help other truckers fix their trucks at truck stops. He also brings a stuffed animal, known as ‘Pet Raisin’, with him on the road. ‘Pet Raisin’ is special to DeWayne because his daughter gave it to him when she was seven years old. It has become a good luck charm to him.

DeWayne is quite the busy man! When he is not on the road, you will find him back home in Anaheim, CA. spending time with his family – his wife, Melissa, three children, and two grandchildren. He likes to spend time in the garage fixing and building things. He enjoys teaching his grandchildren how to use tools. He also spends quite a bit of time in Oklahoma, where he takes care of his mother and keeps up with her 96-acre lot.

We are so thankful for hardworking people like you, DeWayne! Thank you for all that you do!