Fausto and Diana

Team Fausto and Diana

Our February Featured Drivers are Team Fausto and Diana!

Fausto became a truck driver because he always dreamed of driving a truck as a child. Diana became a truck driver because she was a single mother and needed to support her family. Fausto has now been trucking for 20 years and Diana for 21 years.

They drive a 2018 Kenworth equipped with a longslide, chains, straps, and OD banners/flags. They also hold their tankers endorsement.

Fausto and Diana have been with Powersource Transportation since June 2019. They love hauling oversize freight because every load is different.

Their favorite part about driving a truck for a living is that they get to do what they love – drive!

When they are out on the road, they never leave home without their three fashionably dressed dogs – a pug and two chihuahuas.

Diana also has two sons at home. Ivan and Alexis, who will be graduating with his masters next week!

When they are not trucking, Fausto enjoys cooking and Diana loves to spend time with family.

Congratulations, Fausto and Diana! Thank you for all that you do!