James and Terry - Featured Driver For July 2021

James and Terry

Our July Featured Drivers of the Month is James and Terry!

James and Terry are a husband and wife team from Hadley, NY! James got into trucking 30 years ago because he wanted to travel. Terry retired from the highway department after twenty years and joined James on the road 2.5 years ago.

They drive a 2020 Freightliner equipped with automatic chains, beacons, ball hitch, electric brakes, light bar, locking 5th wheel, ratchets, and OD flags/banners. They also have their tank/doubles/triples endorsements.

James and Terry have been driving for Powersource since September 2020. They enjoy pulling all different types of freight, especially the ones that pay big money!

Their favorite part about driving a truck for a living is that they are together all of the time and get to travel and see different parts of the country.

James invited Terry to a truck show 10 years ago. They’ve been together ever since and married for six years now. They have a 125lb black lab named Bella that travels with them wherever they go.

When they are not on the road, they love to relax, ride their slingshot, and go to gun shows.

Thanks for all that you do, James and Terry!