Featured Drivers March

Kim and David

Our March Featured Drivers of the Month are Kim and David!

Kim grew up in a family of truckers, so she wanted to drive a truck since she was a little girl. David followed Kim’s lead and they both got their CDL license nine years ago. They have been driving as a team ever since.

Kim and David have been with Powersource Transportation for one year now. They drive a 2012 Volvo equipped with a locking 5th wheel and OD flags and banners. They also hold their doubles/tankers/hazmat endorsements.

Their favorite type of freight are tankers because they are light and comfortable to haul.

They love driving a truck for a living because they get to take in the beautiful scenery. Their favorite is Yellowstone National Park!

They never leave home without their 9-year-old American Bulldog Pit mix, Cassey. Cassey has been on the road with them since she was a puppy.

Kim and David are from Ocala, Fl. Kim has three children and David has four children. Together, they have 14 grandchildren!

When they are not on the road, like enjoy riding their motorcycle and traveling down to Key West, FL. where they can rent a cottage, take in the ocean, and enjoy the amazing seafood!

Thank you for all that you do, Kim and David!