Gabe has had his CDL since 1991 and has either been trucking or farming since then.  He’s from Northern MN (Don’t ya know!?) and has also lived in SD, WI, KY.  He now lives in Herron, IL with his partner Aaron.  He loves spending time w/ his family in MN, as well as camping, boating, gardening and making neon signs.  He and Aaron have 2 dogs, one at home and one which tours the country with Gabe.

Gabe owns a 2016 Kenworth Quad-axle tractor built specifically for heavy-haul, permitted moves and obviously enjoys that part of his job.  He enjoys taking loads to Canada and Alaska – and, has aspirations of living in either location, someday.  His truck equipment entails of a Long-Slide, Extendable Mirrors, Headache rack, Pintle Hook, Ball Hitch and electric brakes.  He also carries a light bar, chains/binders, straps and winches.

Gabe has been doing Power-Only for 9 years and has all of his endorsements on his CDL, except for Hazmat…which he will have by the end of this year.

(***On a personal note – I have never had a negative comment or a complaint from any customers, pilot car drivers or other drivers.  A lot of drivers actually call him to pick his brain for experience and “how-to” when they need a different aspect.  His demeanor is always calm & when he does get excited over situations less than positive, he remains level headed.***)