A good question to ask is…“what don’t we move?”

Over-dimensional Load

It’s simple.

Powersource Transportation moves what no one else will.

What can WE move for YOU?

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Whatever the load and whatever the challenge, Powersource is ready to take it on. From industrial machinery to the finest medical equipment, we will find a way to move it using our power-only method.

And you don’t have to have the most difficult job in the world either. We are more than happy to move a lighter load as well. Full trailers or empty trailers, we’ll haul it all with the same attention to detail and safety that we use on our biggest loads.

If you have a need to move something impossible…we have a need to prove it’s possible.

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Powersource Transportation is a power-only trucking leader in a diverse array of industries. Here is just a small selection of the trucking needs Powersource serves faithfully:

Industrial freight calls for an industrial-sized work capacity. Big or small, we can move it. Industrial trucking loads are no problem…

Powersource serves local, state, federal, and military customers as well…

Massive construction machinery, police escorts, entire buildings…sometimes even for thousands of miles. Powersource Transportation can handle the over-dimensional loads

Liquid bulk tankers require the utmost care and expertise, so you need a trucking company with experience and certification…

Entertainment industry freight at its finest—from concerts to circuses and every traveling entertaining circuit in between, hauling the entire act…

Heavy machinery delivery is no easy task. Excavators, earth movers, bulldozers, cranes—the mechanical beasts that can move mountains can also be a beast