Powersource Transportation, History

Skip Bakos, Founder

Powersource was incorporated by A.E. Skip Bakos. As a truck driver himself, Skip wanted to build a better mouse trap for OTR drivers.

Powersource Transportation, Merrillville Location, 1994

Powersource moved into 8789 Louisiana Ave building in Merrillville, IN with three employees and three leased trucks. Skip had a vision and it came to fruition.

Entrepreneurial Success

Skip Bakos is awarded the SBA Entrepreneurial Success Award

Safe Driving

Powersource is invited to join the Traffic Insurance Captive due to its safe driving history. This is a privilege to join the top trucking companies in the USA to maintain their high standards of safety and sharing amongst all members.

What makes Powersource one of the most driver friendly trucking companies in the industry?

It’s simple: we were founded by a truck driver.

“We recognize that each shipment entrusted to us has its own special requirements. Because of this, we never take anything for granted.”

– Skip Bakos, Founder

Skip Bakos, Founder

Powersource Transportation was founded by Skip Bakos, who served as a dedicated, hands-on President committed to the success of his company.

After a successful career as a truck driver, Skip made the leap into company ownership when he started Powersource Transportation. He fully understood the day-to-day needs of drivers and the businesses who rely on them to care for their freight. Skip was determined to make his business a combination of the very best in truck driver relationships and logistics expertise.

Skip pledged to treat every shipment and customer as an equally important entity. He wanted our customers to rest easy once their trailers or special equipment were ready for delivery or received at the destination. Powersource would take care of everything – from hauling, to ensuring safety protocol, to obtaining permits. He wanted our customers to not only be pleased with the delivery, but also with the entire delivery process.

A vital part of that process has always been our drivers. As a former driver himself, Skip knew the demands within the trucking industry. He wanted to ensure our drivers were happy, well compensated and had the skills needed to be the very best at their trade. Powersource drivers are proud owner operators (or on the road to being owner operators through our lease purchase program) setting a standard of personal care in each and every job. Skip’s drivers would always be something more than employees—he made them business partners. That sense of respect and partnership continues to make Powersource Transportation one of the most driver-friendly trucking companies in the country.”

Unfortunately, Skip is no longer with us, but his legacy of customer service, respect for our drivers, and overall business excellence live on today in the family business. We are committed to continuing our leadership in power-only transport, from the everyday standard to the seemingly impossible.

Just as Skip would have wanted, we are Powersource…at your service.